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buying cigars online shopping tips

Buying Cigars Online: Useful Shopping Tips

With the decline in brick and mortar stores and more shoppers using online stores to make purchases, it can be worrying how much we rely on a screen to show us the quality of a product, especially with Cuban Cigars Online as you are unable to smell, see or feel their distinctive merits. With cigar merchants which only stock online it can become a minefield trying to figure out which one is the best choice.

Switzerland and Hong Kong, in particular, have seen an increase in online cigar merchants and it is one expected to rise, hence it’s no wonder shoppers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by this plethora of choice, but also by the prospect of potentially being scammed. Which unfortunately is quite common in online shopping and specifically cigar shopping. To support your strife, we suggest several things you can do to make sure you buy the best Cuban Cigars.

Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

This one might be an obvious one, but try before you buy, always. By ordering small, you not only reduce the risk of wasting a lot of money but it allows you to discover what notes and flavours you prefer. A great product to purchase is a Sampler Pack. Through sampler packs, you are offered different cigars for you to try, giving you the opportunity to decide which ones you love the most.  Additionally, by purchasing a small amount, it also allows you to check if the merchants are trustworthy or worth the money. Though there are many great online cigar merchants, there is always the chance a store might be selling low-quality bogus tobacco, or simply have bad customer service. If you want to try some cigars, We offer some fantastic Cigar Sampler Packs, such as our All-Star Sampler Pack which includes a selection of very well known and much-adored cigars, online now for a fantastic price.

all star cigar sampler

All-Star Sampler Pack

Compare The Market

We know the prospect of a bargain can sometimes be so tempting that you find yourself reaching for your wallet before you can say ‘cheapest cigars online’. But most of the time, these risks don’t pay off and you can be left with a batch of bad cigars which don’t stay lit etc. Any savvy aficionado will know the correct prices of Cuban cigars online and know when a price really is too good to be true. We have an excellent post on our Cuban Cigar Blog which will help you spot Counterfeit cigars if you’re worried by a purchase you’ve already made. This is a definite mishap that should be avoided when shopping online. It's so easy for cigar merchants to claim that their products are genuine. But no matter what, stay smart and always check the credibility of the merchant, as well as the price of the products.

Engage with Your Cigar Merchant

Something which a lot of people don’t do these days is to engage with each other - stuck behind computer screens, mobile displays, just tapping away - it can become very impersonal shopping online. Some of the most enjoyable shopping experiences though are ones where a shop assistant has offered a helping hand, suggestions or simply answering any questions you have. So why not reach out, email, call, hell why not Whatsapp your merchant when shopping for cigars online. Personally we’d love to hear from you and answer any of your questions, concerns or even if you’d like to just discuss cigars, we'd be happy to oblige. 

And finally, always make sure that the Cigar Merchant you are dealing with declares their address and can verify that it actually exists.

We hope that has helped you figure out the big wide world of shopping for cigars online and we look forward to shopping with you! Do check out our Cuban Cigar Shop, for a wonderful range of premium Cuban cigars. Or else, check out our other blog posts:



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