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Creating Your Very Own Cigar-Friendly Man Cave View More actions

Creating Your Very Own Cigar-Friendly Man Cave

The ultimate dream for the serious aficionado is owning your own personal man-cave. Who doesn't want a special room dedicated to storing your Cuban cigars and whiskey - all in one place. On top of that, you could even have a few leather seats dotted around for you and your friends to relax and socialise together! Whatever you imagine your man cave to look like, it’s undeniable that it would be the perfect addition to an aficionado’s home. So, if you’ve decided that you want to set up your own special room in the house, then here are a few tips and tricks for you:


Prior to adding furniture and decor, you should first consider where you will locate the actual man cave. For most people, the choice is very limited due to minimal space in one’s home. You could decide the attic, the basement or even a detached barn. For different locations, it can inevitably affect the home in different ways. For instance, having the mancave in the attic would be wise as it can help the rising smoke ventilate upwards and out into the air. While the basement could be a great place to connect your mancave to heating, the boiler - etc.


Perhaps, the most exciting part about the whole man-cave building process is planning the interior. The atmosphere and overall design of the room will, of course, depend on the individual’s tastes. According to that person’s preference, certain furniture and decisions regarding the interior design will gravitate around that. Most people cannot resist purchasing a few soft leather sofas or armchairs. For cigar-lovers, having a round table is a must, as you need to give your Cigar Ashtray a habitat. Furthermore, you may even decide to add a few photo frames of iconic cigar-smokers, perhaps Winston Churchill? Fidel Castro? Or, you could just add a few jerseys from your favourite sports teams. Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to express yourself!


How to Make Your Own Cigar Room EGM Cigars

Albergo Miramonti Cigar & Whiskey Lounge.


One of the most overlooked factors is ventilation. Think about it. Would you like to have your whole house smelling like smoke? If you have a family with non-smokers, then you need to consider investing in an air purifier. The purifier will help clear up the air and allow it to stay fresh, by getting rid of odour and smoke, keeping the rest of your home clear. As seasoned cigar-smokers, you should know that just a few sticks of tobacco can create a cloud of smoke. 


Why not keep your tobacco all-in-one-place? If your man cave is where you intend to do most of your smoking, then it would be convenient to keep your cigars in the same room. We believe it is. Make sure that each and every piece of tobacco you own is sufficiently stored in a Cigar Humidor to ensure that they are kept fresh. Why not have a look at a few of our humidors in-store like the Cohiba Book Humidor or the Partagas Global Brand Humidor? Many of our humidors already have built-in hygrometers and humidifiers to make it much easier for you aficionados. Once you’ve got your cigars stored, you can think of storage solutions to keep your boxes. Some people may decide to build a shelf, and some might even store then in drawers. We believe that shelves are great as you can see all your boxes in one glance.


A cigar’s perfect companion - a glass of whiskey. Many aficionados enjoy pairing having a glass of scotch while smoking a stogie at the same time. It’s a great relaxation ritual to have to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Of course, the debate of whether you’re going to have a mini-whiskey bar is if you’ve got the money for it. But if you do, it would make an excellent addition to your man cave. Why not read our Cigar and Whiskey Pairings article to find the perfect drink to your stogie?

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