Autumn Style Selections

Autumn Style Selections

by Nick Hendry

As the northern hemisphere begins to transition its season from summer into the crispness of autumn, the discerning Cuban cigar smoker will turn their thoughts to updating their wardrobe to fit the cooler weather.  While fashion may dictate which colours are on-trend in any particular year, style knows no such expiry date – a few well-chosen items each year, cared for properly and assembled into outfits with the same deliberation we put into filling our humidors, will build a wardrobe which lasts a lifetime.

Quality is key when selecting which garments make it into that wardrobe; investment pieces to be worn again and again should always trump loathsome “fast fashion”.  Here are a few suggestions which will enhance any collection for years to come.

Rover Boots by Baudoin & Lange

Rover Boots by Baudoin & Lange

Anything good is built on a strong foundation, and quality footwear is the key to any good outfit.  Baudoin & Lange made their name on the back of some of the most comfortable loafers on the market, and have now transferred that comfort to these autumn-ready boots.  The uppers are hand-lasted and cut from one piece of suede, and the boots are made to sit at ankle height – slightly shorter than the average Chelsea boot, with the intention to interact better with the wearer’s trousers.  The sole is crafted from a revolutionary and proprietary shock-absorbent rubber, bringing that all-important comfort to every step.  There are 6 colours to choose from, providing a multitude of styling options.  These boots are the perfect base for your AW style.

Kit Blake Caine Trousers

Caine Flannel Trousers by Kit Blake

Kit Blake promise to deliver “proper trousers”.  A healthy respect for tradition is present in all their designs, without ever going so far as to be in danger of appearing old-fashioned.  The Caine models are their flat-fronted offering – the rest of the line featuring pleats – and are ideal for transitioning from business to casual.  With a shirt, tie and jacket they will be at home in any office; topped with some robust knitwear they will not be out of place at a Sunday pub lunch (in the smoking garden, naturally).  Side adjusters allow you to discreetly change the fit should that lunch be particularly filling, without the need for a belt, and all pairs come unhemmed for your tailor to finish to your taste.

Johnstons of Elgin Allover Cable Rollneck

Cashmere Cable-knit Rollneck by Johnstons of Elgin

You simply cannot go wrong with a chunky cashmere knit in the colder part of the year, and Johnstons of Elgin make some of the best.  The off-white colour of this example will create dramatic contrast to a range of trouser and coat options, and the cosy rollneck will keep out even the harshest of winter winds.  The all-over cable pattern provides texture and character.  For over 200 years Johnstons of Elgin have been spinning cashmere cloth which fends off the weather in the Scottish Highlands – pedigree like that is rare, and anything they make will stand up not only to the tests of time but whatever level of cold your location chooses to throw at it.  This is the jumper which will make that mid-November Media Luna in the garden possible, despite the cold.

Charles Peacoat by Erdem

Charles Peacoat by Erdem

A bit of flamboyance never hurt anyone, and there is nothing to say we can’t brighten up the dull part of the year with our clothes.  Mayfair-based luxury designer Erdem has done exactly that with this incredible peacoat, available in burnt-orange virgin wool or an extraordinary neon yellow alpaca blend.  The shape is fairly classical – double-breasted to keep out the cold, flap pockets and with a single back vent – but the fabric used will ensure you stand out from the crowd.  Layer over your suit or leave unbuttoned with a chunky knit at the weekend, but however you choose to wear this magnificent coat you must do so with confidence.  Colour this vibrant can be hard to carry off, but if you walk tall and are truly aware of how wonderful it looks you will certainly manage it.  Winter need not be sartorially boring.

Dents Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves by Dents

Gloves are a vital part of the winter wardrobe – if your fingers get too cold you may struggle to operate your lighter, or even drop your cigar.  Dents make a huge range of gloves in different fabrics and to suit different tastes which will ensure you can safeguard against such a horrific event, and now you don’t even need to take them off to operate your phone.  We have become so used to quickly settling an argument on Google or summoning a cab to take us to our next event, but in winter this can descend into a bit of a stramash.  Constantly taking gloves on and off to use a touchscreen – and thus losing most of their benefit anyway – is now a thing of the past.  There are many different colours, fabrics and linings to choose from so you can mix and match to whatever outfit you put together on any given day – just make sure you can still use your cigar cutter with no issues.

Arterton Dismantlable Umbrella


Dismantlable Umbrella by Arterton

Sadly, the changing season will bring a marked increase in the instances of rain.  Stylish umbrellas are not something new, but ones which collapse down to easily fit into your luggage are.  Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, does not grind to a halt when summer ends and it can be extremely frustrating to curate a sharp outfit for a business meeting which is then sullied by a flimsy plastic umbrella hastily borrowed from a hotel concierge.  Arterton have created a solution: handsome umbrellas, sturdily built in solid wood and robust steel, with the elegantly polished handles and nickel tips expected of a traditional umbrella, but which easily separate into three pieces to fit in your suitcase.  Such attention to detail will not go unnoticed by potential clients or business partners.

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