Vintage Cuban Cigars

Our Vintage Cuban Cigars are a true treasure chest, showcasing some of the finest aged Cubans in the industry which are kept in perfect condition in our humidors. These are ready to be shipped securely to any location worldwide. 

Hand selected for their promising qualities, these are now some of the world's most exclusive cigars for sale, which display flavours in abundance and excellent draws. 

A growing interest in aged cigars has increased the demand for them and many aficionados have stored their cigars for a later date to smoke them when they have developed unique and extraordinary flavours. The ones you see here are some of the most desired in the industry, particularly with their level of maturity. 

Highly sought after and the rarest of their kind, this collection of mature cigars are like fine wines, they simply just get better with age. 

We ensure that all of our aged Cuban Cigars are stored in optimum conditions- our ageing cabinet maintains relative humidity, temperature and airflow at all times.