S.T. Dupont Matt Black Humidor

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The S.T. Dupont Matt Black Humidor is a modern and classy storage solution for cigar enthusiasts. It is constructed with a mahogany and wood veneer, allowing it to be extra robust and providing a more solid base to keep your Cuban Cigars in. Not only will this cigar humidor provide excellent protection for your cigars, but it also makes a fantastic decorative piece for your office. The matt black exterior creates a simple yet sleek look that will look great anywhere you place it.

Inside the box, it contains an in-built hygrometer and humidifier, making it the perfect companion to avoid moulds and protect the flavours and support the cigar ageing process. Furthermore, you will be able to fit a maximum of 50 cigars inside, allowing you to store as many cigars as you want! Certainly, more than enough space for a passionate cigar aficionado.

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21.8 x 13.2 x 31cm

50 cigars