EGM Favourites

EGM Favourite Cuban Cigars

This is a collection of our very own favourite Cuban Cigars for sale.

EGM Cigars is a company that prides itself upon our products and our knowledge of them, so it is absolutely no wonder that we have our favourites.

As we are aware, each of our customers are unique and has individual tastes, just as every single member of staff at EGM Cigars does .Therefore, this collection has been curated by a number of people to ensure that a range of different preferences have been covered. In turn, we believe the EGM Favourite collection is the cream of the crop, the absolute best of the best.

These cigars have been selected because of their special, distinctive flavours. They have been chosen for their rare formats and picked for their exceptional construction, but many are nominated for their combination of all three.

We have created this portfolio because we hope our customers might find their new favourite cigar, or be inspired to purchase a cigar they have not heard of or are yet to try. 

You will discover the likes of some of our favourites from the Regular Production, as well as some highly sought after Limited Edition Cuban Cigars and Regional Edition Cigars for sale.

You can expect gorgeous vitolas from Montecristo Cuban Cigars, medium flavoured profiles from Romeo y Julieta Cigars and may be persuaded to buy Cohiba online because of our incredible Cohiba Behike 56 Price

An excellent collection of our favourites, which will surely become some of yours soon.